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Intro background picture of downtown Bryan, Texas Intro background picture of downtown Bryan, Texas

State of the City 2016

Why Bryan? Because it's just better.

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For the past few years we’ve been working to share the amazing story of our City and to show the world how everything is “Better in Bryan.” To do that in earnest, we needed help – your help. And you, the residents of Bryan, joined our cause. You liked us on Facebook, you shared our Tweets, you posted your own great stories and photos with our #BetterInBryan hashtag. You truly personified what it means to be "Better in Bryan," and you helped us spread that message for all the world to see.

There's a lot of work that goes into making a City an awesome place to live. The employees of the City of Bryan work tirelessly to provide you with the best services and local government possible. That's the way We make Bryan "better." But it's not just the government that makes this City great. It's the residents the government serves. It's you. You are the beating heart of this fantastic City, and you are truly what makes Bryan "better."

As we share with you our State of the City for fiscal year 2016, know that at the end of the day, all of these things are done for you. Because you are our customers, you are our bosses, you are our friends. We want to do the best job for you that we can. We want to make sure that together, we can keep improving our City. So when someone asks you the question, "Why Bryan?," you can proudly tell them, "Because it's just better."

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City Manager's Office

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  • Game Day Shuttle: We instituted a Game Day shuttle service between Downtown Bryan and Kyle Field during each of the Aggie home football games. The service was very popular and was considered a great success. We're providing the service again for the 2016 football season.
  • Vehicles for Hire: Revisions were made to the Vehicle For Hire Ordinance, including addressing Transportation Network Companies.
  • Building and Maintaining Healthy Cash Reserves: General fund cash reserves (ending unassigned fund balance) increased from a low in 2010 of $8.3 million ($440,000 below the reserve requirement) to a projected high in 2015 of more than $30 million which is more than $14 million above the target reserve requirement policy of 100 days operating expense. That’s a $21.7 million increase in five years. The City Manager’s charge in his first four years was to build healthy financials. We have done that. We implemented a plan to start spending down reserves in 2015 to 100 days. Reserves going into 2017 are at 154 days.
  • Five-year Plan to Spend Down Reserves: We developed a five-year proforma to spend down general fund reserves to the 90-100-day level. This level is considered healthy by the rating agencies and will help maintain our excellent ratings. It is very important that the rating agencies remain confident in our ability to manage the City of Bryan’s expenses. (Major items are 35 new firemen over 10 years and we have been adding 6 per year over the last three years; major parks improvements including pools and a skate park; salary increases for employees cost about $1.4 million for 2017.)
  • Revenues and Expenses: Sales tax revenue is on track to be up by about $596,000 for the year. General fund revenues are up by $2 million versus budget, and general fund expenses are projected to be below budget. HOT revenues are down by about $85,000 from 2015 levels reflecting less oil and gas activity in 2016.
  • Tax Rate: Did not increase the tax rate for the fifth year since the City Manager has been here. The Council adopted the same tax rate as last year. In 2013 and 2014, we lowered the tax rate.
  • Rate Stability: No water, wastewater, or solid waste rate increases for 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016.
  • Oil and Gas, and Capital Reserve Funds: Developed a new Oil and Gas fund for fiscal year 2016 to insure that oil and gas revenues do not inappropriately inflate the general fund, causing future O&M funding issues. Also implemented a new Capital Reserve Fund for one-time revenues, mainly associated with real estate sales. These two funds will help us lower our general fund reserves closer to the 100-day target.
  • TIRZ: All TIRZ’s are projected to be self-supporting, with the exception of TIRZ 22 (Target) which should be in the next several years.

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Bryan Animal Center

animal center icon
  • Pawpaloosa: Hosted the third annual Pawpaloosa Animal Health Fair and Adoption Reunion and distributed 75 free microchips and 83 free rabies vaccinations.
  • Adoptions: Adopted more than 800 animals to new homes.
  • Rescue: Sent more than 100 animals to rescue partners throughout Texas and the United States.
  • Returns: Returned more than 300 animals to their owners in the field.
  • Hours: Had more than 6,000 hours logged by volunteers.
  • PetSmart: Became a PetSmart Charities Partner and began holding adoption events at our local PetSmart store.
  • Vet Programs: Successfully concluded our first full year in partnership with Texas A&M and Blinn Veterinary Programs.
  • Cameras: Added body cameras to our Animal Control Officers list of tools.
  • Anniversary: Celebrated our fifth anniversary with a special adoption event and Paw-ty on September 10, 2016.
  • Facility/Building Improvements: These included a new roof and insulation, new paint on kennel floors, new outdoor dog kennels, and parking and landscaping improvements.

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Bryan Texas Utilities

btu icon
  • Safety: Created two Continuous Improvement Teams to further develop BTU’s safety culture.
  • Growth: Annual system growth is approximately 1,300 new customers connected.
  • Pole Inspection: Inspected and treated approximately 5,000 distribution poles to increase pole life.
  • Pole Replacement: Identified and replaced 250 poles that were determined to be at end of life.
  • Feeders: Constructed 11 miles of overhead and underground feeders.
  • Distribution: Implemented Distribution System Design software package.
  • Maps: Implemented a GIS mapping system.
  • Reliability: Completed an in-depth transmission reliability study to help ensure transmission system adequacy.
  • Planning: Completed an in-depth 10-year distribution planning study to help ensure transmission system adequacy.
  • Transmission Line Reconstruction: Completed Phase I of the Atkins Substation to Briarcrest Substation transmission line reconstruction.
  • New Building: Designed and constructed the BTU System Operations/Transmission & Substation office building.
  • Maverick County: Re-signed Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District #1 (MCWCID #1) to a 3 year contract.
  • Software: Migrated to a new Trading, Settlements, & Risk software.
  • Power Supply: Procured long term peaking power supply through 2022.
  • New Energy Supplier: Started receiving power from newest energy supplier – Los Vientos V.
  • Lake Bryan Dam: Performed emergency repairs to Lake Bryan dam.
  • Atkins Unit: Returned Atkins 7 generating unit to commercial availability.
  • Cyber Security: Completed Cyber Security and Transmission mock audits for NERC compliance.
  • Billing: Development and testing of upgraded billing system.
  • Customer Service: Improved customer service by providing new online options for paying deposits and service verifications.
  • Audit: Completed annual financial audit and received an unqualified opinion.
  • Bonds: Issued $99 million in bonds for the City and Rural systems combined.
  • Saving money: Refinanced portions of outstanding debt that resulted in approximately $2 million in debt service savings.
  • New Department: Successfully created a new Risk & Financial Planning department.
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance: Completed new Affordable Care Act compliance reporting in response to IRS regulations.

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City Secretary's Office

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  • Bryan FD Strategic Plan: Facilitated the development of the Bryan Fire Department’s first five-year strategic plan that will be used as a requirement for national accreditation.
  • Five Star Award: Won the Exemplary Five Star Award from the Texas Department of State Health Services for excellence in vital statistics recordation, issuance, security, customer service, etc. This is the highest honor given to a local registrar’s office and marks the 20th time this office has won the annual Five Star Award.
  • Best Practices: Successful audit of the City Secretary’s Vital Statistics Office operations by two field representatives of the Texas Department of State Health Services. They had no recommendations for improvement and took a copy of our office policy and procedures manual to use as a best practices example for other local registrars’ office.
  • Vital Statistics Audit: Successful audit of the City Secretary’s Vital Statistics Office by the City’s Internal Auditor. No suggestions were made for improvement and no issues were listed as needing attention.
  • Lunch and Learn: During Municipal Clerk Week, provided the public educational session for the Lunch and Learn series.
  • Open Records: Timely and courteously served as officer for public information as related to open records requests filed with the City. All open records requests were timely completed and provided in accordance with state law.
  • Records Management: In April, celebrated Records Management Month with city-wide records management activities. Through this program, the City was able to dispose of 253,726 KB of emails past retention or that were superfluous and had no administrative value (freeing up valuable server space); and also disposed of 339 boxes of paper records past retention or that were not record copies.
  • Records Audits: Conducted four in-depth departmental records audits (Code Enforcement, Community Development, Finance and Purchasing) to determine compliance with the City’s records management plan and state retention schedules, and to assist departments with better record keeping practices, helping to save labor and storage space costs.
  • Records Training: Conducted multiple records liaison and department manager training sessions on the City’s Records Management Plan and the Texas Public Information Act.
  • Election: Successful conduct of City’s November election with use of vote centers.
  • Council Orientation: Coordinated and participated in Council candidate orientation session.
  • Paperless Agendas: Successful implementation of new Council action form/paperless agenda process.
  • BCS Chamber Legislative Action Committee: Served as Co-chair of the Chamber Legislative Action Committee. Assisted with formulation of federal legislative action plan and participated in legislative trip to Washington, D.C. Conducted post trip contacts regarding key city-related legislation and tracked federal legislation.
  • Texas Municipal League: Served on the Texas Municipal League’s General Government Committee that formulated the League’s legislative action plan for the 2017 session of the Texas Legislature.
  • Boards and Commissions Recruitment: Facilitated the Council’s annual board/committee/commission recruitment/appointment process.
  • Volunteer Banquet: Coordination of successful volunteer banquet and program.
  • Open Meetings Training: Conducted multiple open meetings training sessions for City Council appointed boards, committees and commissions following the board appointment process.
  • Vehicle for Hire: Streamlined vehicle for hire permitting processes out of the City Secretary’s Office and worked cooperatively with College Station on new procedures for permitting taxis, limos, TNC’s, etc.
  • Volunteer Program: Continued city-wide volunteer program coordinated through the City Secretary’s Office. Through the Volunteer Bryan program, our volunteers logged 13,294.5 hours at a contributed value amount of $300,053.48 in Fiscal Year 2016. These figures do not include Parks Department volunteers. Expanded outreach program is to be credited for this increase, including an increase of volunteer applications from 370 last fiscal year to 625 in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • Laserfiche: Continued implementation of Laserfiche document management system in additional departments. Continued conversion of archival records to Laserfiche imaging system for disaster recovery purposes and cost savings relative to ease of retrieval. Continued to build the public access database of City records available to our citizens via the web. Continued records preservation efforts to address the City’s oldest historical records.
  • Laserfiche Award: Won the Run Smarter Award from Laserfiche for continued excellence in the use of paperless processes.
  • AOP Training: Staff members completed AOP (Paternity) training/certification by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.
  • Emergency Training: Participated in emergency management training through the CEOC.
  • Municipal Clerk: Re-certified as a Texas Registered Municipal Clerk.
  • Information Technology: Continued to serve on the City’s Information Technology Committee to help oversee the implementation of the IT long-range plan.

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Code Enforcement

code enforcement icon
  • Cases: Worked and resolved more than 3,000 code cases.
  • Being Proactive: Increased focus on proactive enforcement.
  • Outreach: Increased outreach regarding code.
  • Video: Provided material and script for Public Service Announcement on code enforcement procedures.
  • Print: Provided material and created various pamphlets and brochures to promote code enforcement.
  • Web: Provided material for the website campaign "16 for '16: Sixteen Code Violations to Know in 2016."

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Communications and Marketing

communications and marketing icon


State Awards
  • TAMI Award: 2015 State of the City Video (Best Electronic Report in the State).
  • Award of Honor (TAMIO): Best Use of Social Media (Social Foster Animal Program for the Bryan Animal Center).
National Awards
  • 3CMA Award of Excellence: Go Green Category for the Water Quality Report/Water Conservation Board Game.
  • 3CMA Award of Excellence: Printed Publications for the “Let It Flow” Water Conservation Game/Water Quality Report.
  • American Public Power Association: Merit Award of Excellence in Public Power Communications - PSA for Winter Tips Video.

Major Projects

  • Texas Coop Power Magazine: Produced and/or authored all written content, graphic design, and layout of BTU’s Texas Cooperative Power Magazine (saving BTU about $75,000 per year being paid to an outside vendor to write the articles).
  • BTU Plug In: Produced monthly for BTU bill insert (content, graphic design, print layout).
  • 2015 State of the City Report: Video and digital report.
  • Lunch and Learn: Launched and conducted the new “Lunch and Learn” series of public educational sessions, highlighting different City departments; designed to introduce and educate the community on the departmental functions within municipal government. This program was extremely successful.
  • Football Fridays: Football Friday Campaign (social media awareness #kickoff, dedicated webpage, paid advertisements, etc. 1,038,761 Google Ad Word impressions, 56,645 reached Facebook ads, 11,000 page views on kickoff landing page – total cost $5,289.29).
  • Tourism: Tourism Campaign (dedicated webpage, paid advertisements, social media).
  • BTU Annual Report: Graphic design and print layout for BTU Annual Report.
  • Bravo Bryan: Produced internal electronic newsletter “Bravo Bryan” quarterly.
  • Parks Activity Guides: In house photography, graphic design and print layout of the Parks and Recreation Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Activity Guides.

Website Initiatives

  • Mobile App: Worked with IT to launch beta version of new City of Bryan mobile app for Apple and Android devices.
  • ADA Compliance: City’s website now substantially ADA compliant and WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Standards compliant.
  • Bryan+College Station Public Library System Website: Redesigned Bryan-College Public Library System website; now significantly compliant with WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Standards and compliant with ADA Section 508.
  • BCS Unified Design Guidelines: Redesigned the BCS Unified Design Guidelines website.
  • Planning Web Feed: Launched new Planning and Development Services news web feed.
  • Content: Continued to increase content on website for transparency with citizens.
  • Special Events: Promoted several special events across all platforms.

By the Numbers

  • PSA's: 35 PSA’s and numerous other videos produced in house (not including What’s Happening in Bryan).
  • YouTube: 31,773 video views on YouTube (produced videos only).
  • Press Releases: 123 press releases published.
  • Media: 1,600+ media clips.
  • Facebook: 26 percent increase in Facebook likes.
  • Twitter: 16 percent increase in Twitter followers.
  • Website: 509,271 visits to (4.8 percent increase over FY 2015).

Promotions, Marketing, and Emergency Communications

  • Better in Bryan: Continued the “Better in Bryan” public awareness campaign across all platforms.
  • Marketing: Oversaw marketing efforts including tourism, Football Fridays in Bryan, Better in Bryan, BTU’s the Difference is You, BTU’s SMART Programs; Parks Department events (activity guides, event posters, flyers, print ads, social media presence, PSA’s, dog park events, golf course marketing, etc.), voter education, shelter adoptions, pet licensing, animal fostering programs, health related issues such as West Nile and Zika Virus, vaccination programs, safety issues such as texting while driving. These efforts included logo design, graphic design and layout, written content, video productions, public service announcements, website promotion, radio promotion, press releases, Constant Contact communications, social media contacts, brochure design and publication, posters, flyers, invitations, challenge coins, caps, t-shirts, conference displays, etc.
  • Values: Worked to ensure the City’s and BTU’s personality and values are communicated and reflected in everything we put out to the community.
  • Bryan ISD: Productions aimed at celebrating Bryan ISD’s successes.
  • Emergency: Communications staff was onsite at the CEOC during the May tornado event and its aftermath and handled emergency communications to the public and media on behalf of all entities.
  • Recruitment: To assist with minority recruitment in the Bryan Fire and Police Departments, produced and ran radio ads on Spanish language and alternative music radio stations to reach minority communities.

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Community Development Services

community development icon

Housing Programs

  • Home Buyer's Counseling: Provided Home Buyer’s counseling to over 100 families and provided down payment assistance to 11 households (projected).
  • Minor Repairs: Provided technical assistance to over 100 households in need of minor repairs (health/safety issues on owner occupied homes) and completed 65 minor repair projects (projected) using federal funds and coordinated approximately 12 additional volunteer service projects through several volunteer organizations (UM Army, First Serve, Lutheran Ministry, and Rebuilding Together).
  • Major Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Completed 3 projects and 3 underway at year end through our owner-occupied housing program for complete rehabilitation or demolition/re-build.
  • Housing Developments: Worked with approximately 7 local developers/contractors to consider development in older neighborhoods through a housing revitalization infill program. Begin preliminary work for new 3-4 housing development pending council approval. Begin preliminary work for a 20-25 housing development in the old Carver area. Completed 1 5BR Habitat house for a large family (1507 W 28th).
  • Dilapidated Houses: Provided counseling to  5 owners of un-occupied dilapidated houses and completed one demolition (719 Fairview).
  • Community Housing Development Organizations: Monitored 2 Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO’s – housing non-profits that provide safe affordable housing) to ensure compliance with housing regulations and provide any needed technical assistance to further promote affordable housing.
  • Support: Provided technical assistance to the Brazos Valley Coalition for the Homeless, Brazos Valley Housing Consortium, and the DASH (Decent Safe and Affordable Housing) Committee (approximately 10 meetings annually).
  • Evaluation and Action Plan: Developed and submitted annual (2014/2015) Consolidated Performance and Evaluation Report and 2016/2017 Annual Action Plan for the next fiscal year. This information is on the Department’s website.
  • Advisory Committee Meetings: Coordinated monthly Community Development Advisory Committee meetings regarding funded projects, the planning process, and community needs (approximately 10 meetings annually).
  • Revitalization Committee: Coordinated Bryan’s First Rehab Committee (renamed Housing Revitalization Infill program).
  • HUD Projects: Lead Continuum of Care (homeless providers plan of action to reduce or eliminate homelessness) for funding HUD submitted projects.
  • Reducing Poverty: Participated in Bryan Independent School District’s Poverty Collaboration Committee discussing viable ways to reduce poverty in Bryan.
  • Tornado Aftermath: Assisted in the preparation of damage estimates for the severe weather tornado and flooding events of May 26th.

Non-Housing Programs

  • CDBG: Provided one mandatory workshop for a request for proposal process for Community Development Block Grant funding (jointly with the city of College Station) and one post award workshop.
  • Joint Relief Funding Review Committee: Coordinated a volunteer committee, Joint Relief Funding Review Committee, process to review and recommend funding for 6 eligible nonprofits for the next fiscal year.
  • Compliance: Monitored current funded public service agencies to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and provide technical assistance.
  • Grant Review Process: Provided for a grant review process for non-CDBG Funds/General funds for local nonprofits.
  • United Way of the Brazos Valley Board: Chaired the United Way of the Brazos Valley Board and continued on as board member serving local community committees regarding needs in our community.
  • Honoring Women: Served as Chair for the Prenatal Clinic You’re the Tops Annual Event, Honoring local women who make a difference in our community through service.
  • Diversity: Served on Texas A&M University Climate and Diversity Committee that reviews different colleges diversity plans.
  • Bank on Brazos Valley: Coordinated the Bank on Brazos Valley program, with approximately 25 members, secured small grant for relaunch of the program, and provided 5 different outreach opportunities for local financial institutions to work with under-banked and non-banked families and individuals providing financial literacy, workshops and counseling.
  • Community Needs: Participated in partners’ committees, focus group meeting and relationship building to further determine local community needs, analyze gaps and determine strengths.
  • National League of Cities: Lead National League of Cities Economic Opportunity and Income Inequality Peer Network.
  • Records: Received internal audit on Records Retention and provided for a Disaster Records Policy.
  • Vendor and Contractor Compliance: Held an informational vendor and contractor appreciation breakfast for National Community Development Week to inform vendors and contractors concerning program requirements including Fair Housing and Section 3.
  • Recognizing Local Nonprofit Work: Provided recognition for local nonprofit work during national community development week at a Community Partnership Board meeting stating outcomes of effects on community needs.
  • Interns: Coordinated six volunteer and/or Work Study Texas A&M University student interns.
  • Honors: Competed and received Leadership America (for women) recognition and participated in two conferences during the year.

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Coulter Airfield

coulter airfield icon

A Multi-year CIP TxDOT Project is Underway

  • FY16 – design /engineering (completed).
  • FY17 – Phase 1 construction (scheduled to begin early FY17): Includes terminal area drainage, installation of a wildlife/security fence, reconstruction of north taxiway B, and construction of a hangar access road.
  • FY18 – Phase 2 construction: Includes overlaying and marking taxiway B, rehabilitating runway 15-33, rehabilitating taxiway A.

Completed projects FY16

Coulter Field completed a few key projects in FY16. These projects are a testament to the vision for Coulter Field and the ongoing improvements of its safety, service, infrastructure, and overall operation.

  • CIP Project: Completed the design/engineering phase of the multi year CIP project with TxDOT Aviation.
  • Terminal: Completed a total remodel of the City Terminal, including HVAC system, flooring, furniture, and paint.
  • Helicopter: A new commercial helicopter based hunting outfit relocated to Coulter from Baytown, TX, that brings in customers from around the world.
  • Texas Flying Club: The Texas Flying Club relocated to Coulter from Easterwood Airport and brought 4 aircraft and over 100 members.
  • Fuel Tank: Completed the installation of a new 12,000 gallon 100ll Fuel tank farm.
  • Hangar: Updated the H3 hangar with a new electric bi fold door.
  • Aircraft: Increased our overall based aircraft as well as added a new business jet aircraft bringing the total jet based aircraft from 1 in 2013 to now 3.

Future Projects in the Planning Phase

Coulter Field is currently underway on a three year Capital project that is scheduled to be completed by FY19. In an effort to provide a seamless transition from our deferred maintenance projects into our next set of potential revenue enhancement projects, Coulter Staff has already begun the planning phase for a set of projects to include:

  • Aircraft Parking: Proposed parking apron expansion (increase aircraft parking capacity grant eligible 90/10).
  • Vehicle Parking: Proposed vehicle parking expansion(50/50 grant eligible).
  • Parallel Taxiway: Proposed parallel taxiway construction(90/10 grant eligible).
  • Runway: Proposed runway extension(90/10 grant eligible).
  • Taxiway Widening: Proposed widening of taxiway B to allow future hangar developments(90/10 grant eligible).
  • Terminal: Proposed terminal building upgrades(50/50 grant eligible).
  • New Hangar: Proposed construction of corporate/maintenance hangar(75/25 grant eligible FY2019).

All of the proposed projects would have to be approved by TxDOT through their CIP process. Airport Staff will work on a letter of interest to send to TxDOT in Early FY17 in order to start the approval process, and hope to be in the design phase sometime in late FY18-early FY19.

Special Events at Coulter Airfield

In an effort to “give back” to the community we have been encouraging and utilizing the airport for special events that involve the community. One of our key objectives is to not only offer our asset to the flying community, but also to the taxpayers who help fund it. This year we will have had four special events one of which was the “Great American Steak Out” held at Coulter for the third consecutive year to benefit Scotties House. This event sold out and brought in over 850 people from our community, as well as the surrounding area. The net charitable contributions totaled over $120,000. The second event held was a private birthday party held in an airport hangar, the third was the first American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball, and last is the Red Wasp Film Festival. It is our belief that the continued effort to “give back” will only help to grow the support and sustainability of our airport.

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Development Services and Economic Development

development services icon Since January 2016, the City of Bryan has issued 75 new commercial construction permits compared to 35 for the same period in 2015. Total permit valuation has increased from $122,682,271 (January to July) in 2015 to $156,043,171 over the same period in 2016. The total permit valuation accounts for all residential permits including multi-family, commercial permits for new construction and renovation, as well as various other permit types.

Below is a list of projects that have been recently completed or in the building or development process. This list is not exhaustive, but contains a good sampling of projects across the City of Bryan.

Residential Permits and Value

Commercial Permits and Value

Residential Permits and Value

Commercial Permits and Value

Commercial Development Projects (Current or Recent)


  • The Stella Hotel (Traditions): Six stories with 177 guest rooms.
  • Candlewood Suites (Plaza Center): Four stories with 89 guest rooms.
  • Sleep Inn (North Bryan): Three stories with 58 guest rooms.
  • 6 at 21 Crossing Hotel (Hwy 21 at Bypass 6): Three stories with 79 guest rooms.
  • Holiday Inn Express (Plaza Center): Four Stories with 109 rooms.
  • Hyatt House (Bryan Towne Center): Four stories with 112 rooms.


  • Parc at Traditions: Rehabilitation facility which offers assisted and independent living, as well as memory care located near Club Drive and South Traditions.
  • Baylor Scott and White: New Clinic on West Side of Bryan near Autumn Lakes.
  • Caprock: Commercial ER in Bryan Towne Center.
  • Colony Commercial Freestanding ER: 8000 Sq Ft Emergency Room at Austin’s colony.
  • Advanced Care Endodonics: New clinic in Park Hudson.


  • Producers Co-op: Addition of a new pellet mill for their feed operations.
  • Lubrizol: 58,000 expansion in the Brazos Industrial Park.


  • Shannon’s Catering: Construction of a 1,890 sq ft building with drive thru located adjacent to existing restaurant space at 601 San Jacinto Lane.
  • Specialties Photography: 5,000 sq ft building located on Coppercrest Drive.
  • Stripes: Construction of two new convenience stores, located at 2000 South College Drive and 4300 Boonville Road.
  • Hungary Howie’s and First Watch: Eateries on Texas Avenue, Just North of University Dr.
  • Bush’s Chicken: New locations on Hwy 21 and South Texas Avenue.
  • Jump World: Trampoline Park in Bryan Towne Center.
  • Pet Supplies Plus: Pet supply store in Bryan Towne Center.
  • RX Pizza: Eclectic eatery in Downtown Bryan.
  • Blackwater Draw: Brewery in Downtown Bryan.

Bryan ISD

  • Davila Middle School: 26,030 sq ft addition to existing school building.
  • Sul Ross Elementary: Future expansion on existing campus.
  • Merrill Green Stadium: Construction of a new press box at Bryan High School located at 3450 Campus Drive.
  • Stephen F. Austin Middle School: Future expansion on existing campus.
  • Sam Rayburn, Jane Long, Crockett Elementary, Henderson Elementary, Johnson Elementary, Mitchell Elementary: Various classroom additions.


  • Camber Villas – Nash St: 22 buildings with 201 units Nash Street and East Villa Maria.
  • Springs at University: 10 buildings with 216 units University and 158.
  • Sterling Northgate: 54 units in Bryan(wellborn and Natalie Street.
  • Hawthorne II: 12 buildings with 169 units (Traditions).
  • Downtown – 500 N. Bryan: Multi use development in Downtown, will have retail on ground floor with loft apartments.

Residential Development Projects (Current or Recent)

  • Edgewater
  • Greenbrier
  • Highland Park
  • Autumn Ridge
  • Green Branch Ridge
  • Austin’s Estates
  • Hope Subdivision
  • Austin’s Colony
  • Traditions
  • Oakmont


  • Downtown Life Safety Grant: This grant is intended to encourage redevelopment in the downtown area. Many times, the redevelopment of existing historic buildings requires costly improvements that can be a potential road block for developers. The City of Bryan Life Safety Grant is a matching fund grant that provides assistance with the purchase of required life safety equipment to help bring the buildings into compliance. This could include, but not limited to, fire sprinkler systems, acceptable means of access/egress, or protective treatments that may be required.
  • Property Improvement Grant for properties along Texas Avenue: This grant is new to the City of Bryan and is intended to provide funding to property owners along the Texas Avenue Corridor to make exterior improvements to their property. This can include parking lots, landscaping, or façade improvements. The goal of this program is to stimulate redevelopment and bring about much needed aesthetic improvements to the Texas Avenue Corridor.
  • Downtown Façade Improvement Grant: This grant has been in existence for over a decade and serves to assist Downtown property owners with façade improvements.
  • Building Incentive Program: This 380 Program was authorized in March 2014 and modified slightly in 2015. This program waives building permit fees, sewer and water tap fees on homes that have a heated/cooled square footage in the range of 2200 -3000 square feet. This square footage range is referred to as the “program target range”. During 2016, from January through mid-August, there is a total of 77 homes that are in the program. When compared to the same time period last year, there is an increase by 40% (77 versus 55) of homes being built in the program target range. These 77 homes represent an approximately ad-valorem value of $18,540,714, which is an increase of 39% increase over same time period in 2015. Before the program was started in 2014, the five year average of homes in the program target range was 27 homes. After 2015 and two years in the program, the five year average number of program target range homes increase from 27 to 49. Program target home numbers in 2016 are off to a good start and should finish off the calendar year above 2015 number of 90 homes.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a long-term guide for the community that defines community values, identifies community opportunities and weaknesses, and provides direction on how and where the community should grow, develop and redevelop. The Parks Master Plan provides guidance on current and future parks and recreation facilities, including ways to enhance existing parks and how to plan for future needs.

A large component of the planning process included collecting citizen input and working with business owners, developers and City staff to determine existing conditions and areas for improvement. The proposed draft includes the input collected during the public engagement portion of the update and highlights recommendations and actions pertaining to various City policies and programs. Some of the chapters of the Plan include Land Use, Municipal Services, Economy, Wellness, Education, Community Appearance, Transportation and Parks and Recreation.

Both the Comprehensive Plan and the Parks Master Plan are nicknamed Blueprint 2040 because of their impact on the next 20+ years of development in Bryan.

Current Economic Development Projects

  • Atlas Hotel Conference Center (The Stella)
  • Atlas Town Center
  • Downtown Ice House
  • 500 Bryan North
  • Parc Senior Living
  • Lubrizol
  • Wayfair
  • Nutrabolt
  • Jordan Center
  • Oakmont
  • Callaway Jones

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Engineering Services

engineering icon

Capital Improvement Program Delivery

  • Fire Station 2 design and bid: Construction begins fall 2016.
  • West 26th design and bid: Construction begins late summer 2016.
  • West 28th construction: Construction underway – completes fall 2016.
  • Old Hearne Road Ph 2: Construction underway – completes 2018.
  • Old Hearne Road Ph 1: Preliminary design complete, right of way acquisition underway.
  • Apple Creek Channel Improvements: Designed inhouse – construction almost complete.
  • Briar Creek Court Alley reconstruction: Construction complete.
  • St. Joseph Hospital Area Improvements: Design complete – involved significant utility coordination – new signals at VM/29th and Memorial 29th – construction soon to begin, complete in 2017.
  • 2013 Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant award: Completed design of Finfeather rehab (bike lanes, road diet) and multiple signal replacements (4 of them).  Construction scheduled to begin w/ TxDOT in Spring 2017.
  • South College Avenue TAP Grant sidewalks: Design complete, construction will begin Aug 2017.
  • South College Avenue Road reconstruction: Design underway – coordination of converting overhead to underground utilities.  Construction will begin March 2017.
  • Bryan City Cemetery Expansion: Design completed and construction underway.
  • Sadie Thomas Swimming Pool: Managed construction – completed.
  • Williamson Skate Park: Managed construction – underway.
  • Street Maintenance Asphalt and Concrete contracts and SH 21 Sanitary Sewer: Nearing completion of construction – inspected.
  • 17th Street Culvert: Design almost complete.
  • 17th Street Sidewalks: Construction to begin soon.
  • Burton Creek Concrete Channel Maintenance: Construction to begin soon.

Development Related Achievements

  • Edgewater Subdivision infrastructure: Construction completed for Phase 1 – Phase 2 to start soon (will be 800 new lots on west side).
  • Sienna Phase 5: Final phase of Sienna Subdivision completed.
  • Greenbrier: Multiple phases of Greenbrier Subdivision construction completed and others underway.
  • Austin's Colony: Multiple phases of Austin’s Colony and Austin’s Estates subdivisions completed and others underway.
  • Traditions: Multiple phases of Traditions under construction and completed.
  • Miramont: New Phase of Miramont Subdivision.
  • Hawthorne: Traditions Hawthorne Apartments.
  • Bryan ISD: 4 BISD school campuses under construction (Davilla, BHS, Sul Ross, SFA).
  • Nash: Nash Street Apartments.
  • North Campus: North Campus Subdivision off S. College underway.
  • Sterling Northgate: Sterling Northgate Apartments underway in Northgate on city limits.
  • Lubrizol: Lubrizol expansion in Industrial Park.
  • Hotels: Hyatt House Hotel and Sleep Inn Hotel under construction, other hotels completed this year.
  • Commercial: Various commercial locations such as Colony Commercial at Austin’s Colony/Boonville.

Other Accomplishments

  • Drainage Issues Reporting: Developed online Drainage Complaint form – utilized after May storm event – will remain for future submittals to help understand particular drainage concerns. Developed database of these complaints to continue to add to and develop over time.
  • Flooding: Submitted Buyout proposal for 4 homes that are Severe Repetitive Loss Properties to the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program – made cut with State of Texas, currently under review by FEMA.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act: Developed ADA Transition Plan, began implementation of improvements identified in Plan.

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Facility Services

facility services icon The Facility Maintenance group provides various levels of maintenance to 26 City buildings and facilities as well as 45 parks and parks buildings. The Department’s responsibilities range from light to moderate remodeling including carpentry, plumbing, painting, HVAC, and lighting, to electronic energy management systems, electronic access/security control systems, playground construction/maintenance, graffiti removal, parks lighting, custodial services, and project design and development. The building and park areas maintained present a very diverse and wide array of maintenance needs.

Major Projects

  • Clara B. Mounce Library elevator modernization.
  • Access controls to the MSC Complex update.

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Fire Department

fire department icon
  • People: Added six new firefighter positions.
  • Engine: New fire engine delivered.
  • Ambulance: New ambulance delivered.
  • Wildland Firefighting Grant: Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) for wildland firefighting protective clothing - $21,928.
  • Cameras: Replacement of all thermal imaging cameras with new cameras with enhanced technology.
  • Careers: Implementation of career development plan.
  • Health: Implementation of new practices and policies to reduce cancer in firefighters.
  • Strategy: New strategic plan for BFD.
  • Staffing Grant: Award of Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant -  Salaries and benefits are paid for six additional firefighters for two years by FEMA. Grant amount is $849,078. 
  • Fire Station No. 2: Designed floorplan and assisted with construction contract approval for new Fire Station No. 2.

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Fiscal Services

fiscal services icon
  • Budget: Received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for FY16 Budget– GFOA.
  • Reporting: Received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for FY15 CAFR – GFOA (this achievement is a joint effort between City of Bryan and BTU Fiscal departments).
  • Education: Presented “Nachos and Numbers,” an open to the public discussion of City of Bryan financials as a part of the City's "Lunch and Learn" program.
  • Policies: Developed the City of Bryan’s first Council-approved Financial Management Policies.  
  • Efficiency: Implemented Online Invoice Processing and Approval.

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Human Resources

human resources icon
  • Training: Provided two mandatory training courses for all employees: 1) Respect in the Workplace, and 2) Active Shooter in the Workplace.
  • Sick Leave: Created a sick leave donation program as part of the catastrophic sick leave policy to assist those employees who have exhausted normal sick leave banks due to legitimate reasons. 
  • Education: Worked with the Community and Business Leaders Partnership and Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley on an Education Externship program, also partnering with Bryan ISD. 
  • Employee Loans: Continued work with City of Bryan and BTU Fiscal departments, Brazos Valley Affordable Housing, and the Community Loan Center of the Brazos Valley to provide access to a Small Loan Program for employees.

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Information Technology

information technology icon
  • Accounts Payable: Leveraging existing technology, Information Technology created an automated workflow process that provides electronic invoice routing, approval, storage and management. This process standardized the way all city departments handle invoices, resulting in considerable staff time savings and streamlined payments to vendors.
  • BTU and Public Works Radios: Replaced two outdated radio systems with a combined project to allow improved communication between all field personnel and Dispatch Operations. By designing and implementing this system in-house, the city saved hundreds of thousands of dollars versus adding these functions to the public safety radio system.
  • Council Chambers Technology Upgrade: Technology in the Council chambers was updated to allow for High-Definition broadcast on Suddenlink channel 116, council member remote meeting attendance, clearer audio, superior presentation quality, a much improved ease of use and meeting ADA compliance.
  • End-User Hardware Refresh: Information Technology purchased, configured and deployed 200 replacement desktop and laptop computers, and 35 peripheral devices this fiscal year. By using high-volume pricing, the city realized a $29,600 savings.
  • GIS Electric Staking: BTU began utilizing the citywide Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to track electric assets, assist with new design and respond to outages more quickly. This aligns all city departments under the same baseline mapping data for utilities, public safety, development and planning.

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Bryan+College Station Public Library System

library iconIn the year since the last State of the City address, the Bryan and College Station Public Library System has grown in both scope and capability. Our accomplishments encompass all areas of service, from programming to facilities, and have enhanced the services available to all citizens of the cities of Bryan and College Station.

Our buildings have been improved and are still improving. The Clara B. Mounce Library installed an updated camera security system that provides better safety and accountability for patrons and staff alike. The Mounce Library also installed new audio/visual equipment in the Meeting Room that will enhance media experiences from formal presentations to movie viewing. The Ringer Library, together with the City of College Station and Komatsu Architecture, reviewed a 30% completion plan and pricing submittal that brings us closer to breaking ground on the renovation and expansion of the building.

The Libraries continue to be a cornerstone for resources in early childhood development. The Mounce Library will soon be receiving national recognition as a Family Place Library on August 25, 2016; this was a grant funded endeavor that included extensive training and specialized equipment procurement. As a Family Place Library, Mounce will be offering multi-week courses in childhood development for parents to attend with their children, who will also have access to new toys and guided educational experiences. The Ringer Library continues to offer its Literacy Starts @ Birth workshops, which have been attended by more than 300 people in the last year. Literacy Starts @ Birth offers parents, caretakers, and educators of children from newborn to 5 years old an opportunity to learn about how to best prepare children for success in learning to read.

The Libraries’ relationships with the community and other organizations continue to thrive. We received $45,254 in grants and donations to support library programs and services this year, which have been very well attended. We completed a record setting Summer Reading Program for children, teens, and adults with over 5,000 participants. 18,190 people attended more than 300 programs, and the community’s teenagers gave more than 3,000 hours of their time to us through our Teen Job Skills Training Program to run the Summer Reading Program desk. Additionally, more than 30 local businesses participated in programs and donated thousands of coupons for reading incentives.

Mounce, Ringer, and Carnegie continue to be positive representatives for our parent organizations. Library staff regularly appear on local radio to promote programs, and the Ringer expansion has also been discussed twice on local news spots. Summer Reading Program events were featured on the front page of the Eagle three times this summer and in several separate online photo galleries. Mounce and Ringer staff participated in a live remote broadcast with KBTX for National Book Lovers Day.

The Libraries are seeing more people come through our doors, and we are also checking out more materials. More than 5,600 new library patron accounts were created in FY16, and we had more than 430,000 unique visits. Overall, the Library System experienced an 8.5% increase in the number of people visiting and an almost 12% increase in the number of books and media items that were checked out from FY15. The visualizations below reflect total numbers of visits and check-outs. We are projected to circulate just under 1 million items in FY16.

Visitors to the Bryan+College Station Library System by Branch

Check-Outs and In-House Use by Branch

FY17 will bring new challenges, and the Library System is confident that we will build upon these accomplishments as we provide equal opportunity access to information, high quality book and multimedia materials, programs, exhibits, and online resources to meet the needs of a diverse community for lifelong learning, cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation.

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Municipal Court

municipal court icon
  • Traffic Safety: Awarded the Traffic Safety Initiative Award from the Texas Municipal Court Education Center (multi-year winner).
  • Courts Week: Participated in Texas Municipal Courts Week.
  • New Cases: Processed over 12,000 new cases.
  • Existing Cases: Closed over 12,700 existing cases.
  • Warrants Issued: Issued over 5,900 warrants.
  • Warrants Served: Served over 5,000 warrants with a total value of $1,829,000.
  • Fines and Fees: Collected over $2,492,000 in fines and fees of which $1,829,000 was retained by the City.
  • Alternative to Fines and Fees: 542 defendants were granted community service as an alternate method of satisfying fines and fees.
  • Omnibase Program: Cleared 2,028 warrants through the State Omnibase program (Fail to Appear) with $624,564.64 paid and $928,804.77 cleared through payment, jail time credit, community service or compliance.
  • Delinquent Cases: Placed 3,555 cases with a dollar value of $1,553,139.71 with the contracted delinquent case attorney. Of cases placed with the firm, $1,687,761.37 was resolved through payment of $477,150.84, community service, dismissal after compliance, etc., in FY 2016.
  • Warrant Roundup: Participated in the Great State of Texas Warrant Roundup, clearing 504 warrants valued at over $221,000 in a three-week period.
  • Youth Advisory Commission: Worked with the Youth Advisory Commission on programs and activities.
  • Teen Court: Continued the Teen Court in the Schools Program.
  • Training: All court clerks, city marshals and judges completed necessary training to maintain their respective licenses and certifications.
  • Certified Court Manager: Court Administrator obtained the Certified Court Manager designation from the National Center for State Courts Institute of Court Management. He also maintained Master Peace Officer license and Level II Texas Court Clerks Association (TCCA) certification.
  • Certifications: Seven court clerks maintained their Level I and Level II certifications through TCCA. The warrant technician, community service coordinator and one city marshal obtained TCCA certifications.
  • Court Security Specialist: Another city marshal became certified as a Court Security Specialist through TCOLE, making three of the four city marshals so certified.
  • Judges: The Municipal Court Judges heard cases pertaining to the Penal Code, Traffic Code, Health and Safety Code, Bryan Code of Ordinances to name a few. In addition, the Judges magistrated more than 670 individuals that were arrested on Class C misdemeanor warrants.

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Neighborhood and Youth Services

neighborhood and youth services icon
  • Neighborhood Association Forum: Hosted city-wide neighborhood association forum. Provided information and received concerns from neighborhoods. Shared information with appropriate departments for follow up with neighborhoods.
  • Forum Follow-Up Survey: Provided a follow up survey to the city-wide neighborhood association forum attendees, with results showing very positive feedback.
  • Quarterly Newsletter: Created and distributed a new quarterly newsletter for registered neighborhood associations.
  • Swimming Lessons: Sponsored and coordinated swimming lessons for 35 at-risk children through the Boys and Girls Club, providing an opportunity for these youngsters to learn to swim (drowning is the second cause of death in target age group).
  • Castle Heights Pavilion: Oversaw construction of a new pavilion at Castle Heights Neighborhood Park.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup: Provided resources and oversaw a program for neighborhood cleanup at Castle Heights Neighborhood.
  • New Neighborhood Association: Added another neighborhood association to the Neighborhood Association Partnership Program.
  • Aggie Up: Continued participation in the Aggie Up Committee to provide information to incoming TAMU students relative to being a good neighbor in Bryan and sharing information about amenities in Bryan.
  • Youth At-Risk: Sponsored multiple youth at-risk programs to provide healthy activities for children during summer months and after school.
  • Youth Advisory Commission: The Youth Advisory Commission was active and successful with educational programs and service activities.
  • Teen Court: Continued Teen Court in the Schools Program (through Municipal Court).
  • Events: Attended multiple non-profit events as a representative of the City.
  • National Night Out: Participated in National Night Out Kickoff activities.
  • Addressing Citizen Complaints: Worked with various departments regarding citizen complaints.
  • Job Fairs: Participated in various job fairs, including the Youth to Career Fair.
  • Improvement Grants: Granted two neighborhood improvement grants.
  • Infill Program: Worked with the Community Development Department to create the neighborhood infill program.
  • Improving Relationships: Met with pastors from the minority community to facilitate positive communication and relationships between the minority community, the City and the Bryan Police Department.

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Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation icon
  • Aquatic Facilities: Construction and opening of Sadie Thomas Pool, re-plastering of Henderson Harbor, and plans for approximately $1M worth of renovations at the Bryan Aquatic Center.
  • Skate Park: Construction of the Williamson Skate Park (to be completed November 2016).
  • Cemetery: Expansion (construction) of the Bryan City Cemetery.
  • Recreation Programs: Record attendance in Recreation Programs including Camp HERO (30% growth), Summer Park Program, Pee Wee Sports, Aquatic Lessons, Thunderbolt Track Team, Culinary classes, and more.
  • Swimming: Implementation of the Note and Float Program at all four (4) Bryan aquatic facilities.
  • Parks Renovations: Completion of a number of PIP projects including bollard installation (5 parks), renovation of landscape beds in seven locations, replacement of water fountains, cleaning and painting of pavilions, repair and color coating of courts, equipment replacement, lighting repairs and upgrades, backstop replacement, horseshoe pit renovations, fence repair and replacement, irrigation upgrades, bridge repairs, and more.
  • Beautification: Additional landscaping work, which included Nash Roundabout, Monarch Butterfly Gardens (9 locations), Aggie Replant, and partnership with Bryan High School to utilize their greenhouse for starting Monarch plants.
  • Parks Master Plan: Compilation and adoption.
  • New Designs: Before the end of the year, design of two parks – Siena and Edgewater.
  • Bombers Projects: Ongoing with completion of all projects in Spring 2017.

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Police Department

police department icon


  • Citizen Police Academy: We conducted three CPA classes: English, Spanish, and Junior. We celebrated our 50th English CPA class this fiscal year.
  • Coffee with a Cop: We have continued our “Coffee with a Cop” program and also had a “Lunch with LEO (Law Enforcement Officer” at the African American Museum.
  • Training and Recruiting: Training and Recruiting formed a diverse citizen advisory group last fiscal year and continue to meet with them in order to obtain input on minority recruiting.
  • Neighborhood Enforcement Team: NET continues to communicate with neighborhoods through “”
  • Community Events: Officers participated in many community events; MLK march, Blue Bunny, National Night Out, and Blue Angel to name a few.
  • National Night Out: The Bryan Police Department has been selected as a City Award winner by the National Association of Town Watch for its participation in National Night Out 2015. This is the first year the Bryan Police Department has received recognition for this accomplishment.


  • Body Cameras: Body Cameras were issued and all officers received training on the use and policy.
  • Firing Range: Firing range is nearing completion.
  • Records: New Records Management System is still ongoing and management will start training this fiscal year.


  • Regional Mobile Field Force: The Regional Mobile Field Force was formed and is being trained to all officers during in-service training.
  • 2000 Hours: The training unit has conducted nearly 2000 hours of training to include: Body worn cameras, Crowd control, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, spontaneous knife defense, building search, and shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios.

Policing Activities

The officers of the Bryan Police Department provided professional and effective services for the citizens of Bryan. We responded to over 64,000 calls for service in the past year. Our School Resource Officers worked in partnership with the Bryan Independent School District, making sure our schools provide a safe environment for our students.

The Bryan Police Department conducted numerous successful investigations during the past year. Arrests were made for crimes ranging from drug possession to murder. We also proactively attacked crime using criminal intelligence and the Compstat process, successfully arresting burglars, tire & rim thieves, robbers, and other felons.

We continue to use Baylor/Scott and White Hospital to conduct forensic examinations on most adult sexual assault victims and other cases where forensic medical examinations are necessary. This partnership was established between the Bryan Police Department, the College Station Police Department, TAMU Police Department, Brazos County Sheriff s Department, the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office and Baylor/Scott and White Hospital. The partnership was formed to provide compassionate and professional forensic services to crime victims of the Brazos County.

K9 Unit: Falco retires

Falco, our beloved K9 officer, retired in FY 2016 and we purchased two new K9 officers and selected two new handlers. They are going through rigorous training and the K9 officers should be working in FY 2017

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Public Works Call Center

public works call center icon
  • YTD: Fielded 54,981 calls.
  • YTD: Created 21,744 work orders for Public Works.
  • Mosquitoes: Distributed Mosquito dunks to residents and HOA’s as part of the COB Mosquito Abatement Program at the Municipal Services Center.
  • Traffic Management: Assisted in coordinating the Local Area Traffic Management Program.
  • Work Orders: Created 110 work orders from calls from citizens missing containers due to the tornado and flood.
  • Tornado Aftermath: Assisted residents affected by the tornado and flooding to directing them to City of Bryan website information and FEMA.

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Risk Management

risk management iconThe City of Bryan Employee Health Center was established in March of 2011, and in January of 2016 the City welcomed Bryan Independent School District as a partner. The school district brought an additional 3,500 lives to the clinic operation. Consequently, the Center was relocated to a larger location, increased the number of staff members, and extended hours. Employees and their dependents on the City or school district’s health plan can obtain primary or acute care at the facility. The Center is managed and operated by CHI/St. Joseph Health.

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Solid Waste

solid waste icon
  • Safety: Purchase and install DVR camera systems to improve safety and efficiency in collection trucks.
  • GPS: Installed new GPS technology in assigned fleet.
  • Community Events: Staff participated and volunteered in multiple events such as: Texas Reds Festival, Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days (HHW), Brazos Valley Earth Day, and other local events.
  • Tire Cleanups: Participated in multiple city wide tire cleanups with Code and Compliance Officers and collected over 2,000 tires.
  • Tornado Aftermath: Collected over 1,200 tons of debris from impacted areas following the severe weather event.
  • Containers: Purchased over 1,200 residential containers and made repairs to more than 1,000 residential containers.
  • Tree Trimming: Completed over 100 site distance/tree trimming work orders.
  • Dead Animals: Collected and removed more than 300 deceased animals in city right-of-way.

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Streets and Drainage

streets and drainage icon
  • Ronnie Jackson Trail: Construction of the Ronnie Jackson Trail at Hope’s Crossing.
  • Castle Heights Pavilion: Construction of the Castle Heights Community Pavilion along with Water, Parks, and Facility Departments.
  • New culvert: Installed culvert on 17th and N. Parker to remove standing water.
  • Cleared creeks: Cleared several creeks within the right of way to include: Tee Dr., Dean St., Broadmoor, Thornberry, Bullinger, Austin Estates, Silkwood.
  • Potholes: Repaired over 300 potholes throughout the City of Bryan.
  • Work orders: Completed over 1,600 work order requests from both internal and external sources.

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traffic icon
  • Local Area Traffic Management Plan: Implemented policy, gathered projects through public input, currently scoring projects that were eligible – will present projects to Council this fall for consideration of funding.  Likely will do 1 application round per year with current staffing levels. 
  • Broadmoor and Nash Roundabout: Public involvement, tactical urbanism of deploying with cones, designed and just finished construction.
  • Signal Replacements: Texas Ave / Villa Maria – almost complete.
  • Signal Timings / coordination: Hired consultant to update timings on signals for major corridors improving progression of traffic thru corridors, saves on idling and improves safety along corridors.
  • Downtown Railroad Quiet Zone Planning: Completed diagnostic with UPRR to determine improvements at each intersection, will move into public. input phase over next year, especially regarding any crossings to close. Pending funding the quiet zone could be implemented within 2 years.
  • Bike Plan: Developed from scratch with staff, included staff riding routes to determine comfort level. Multiple public input meetings.
  • Sidewalk Plan: Updated with staff, saved comprehensive plan costs. Multiple public input meetings.
  • Thoroughfare Plan: Developed from scratch with staff internally, saved costs from comprehensive plan. Multiple public input meetings.
  • Wireless Signals: Installation of wireless radios to signals completed. Have communication to all signals except for 2 that are soon to be replaced. 
  • Signal Controllers: Purchased new signal controllers to remedy communication problem with outdated technology on existing controller equipment.
  • TACTICS: Purchased TACTICS full central software allowing remote monitoring and programming of signals.
  • Highway Safety Grant: Submitted Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant application.

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Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course

Travis B Bryan Municipal Golf Course iconThe Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course underwent several repairs this year, including renovations of tees, collars, and approaches. And the Zone Shootout, our weekly summer Wednesday night tournament had the largest number of participants in recent history with an average of more than 40 players competing each week.

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Water Services

water department icon
  • Distribution Lines: Replaced distribution lines on Bethel and Woodland.
  • Fire Protection: Installed larger lines in Castle Heights for fire protection along with several new hydrants to increase the fire protection.
  • Proactive Valve: Continued proactive valve program.
  • AMI: Continued Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) – Phase 5.
  • Database Expansion: Expanded database for CSI/BPAT.
  • Cooling Tower: Completed construction of Cooling Tower #4.
  • Fire Flows: Improved fire flows in areas with flows below 1000 gpm.
  • Quality Control: Enhanced water quality control measures.
  • New Valves: Installed strategically placed valves to improve distribution system operation.
  • Image enhancement: Coating of exposed infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure protection: Painted 1 MG elevated reservoir (Royal St) with new logos.
  • Pump Replacement: Replaced pump #4 at Main Street Pump Station.
  • Motor Control: Upgraded 1 motor control unit in Main Street Pump Station.
  • Infrastructure Design: Designed infrastructure along W SH 21 and Hwy 47 to convert Bryan customers from Wellborn SUD.
  • Line Extensions: Designed Production and Distribution line extensions along North Texas Avenue.
  • Funding: Submitted and obtained SWIRFT Funding from TWDB for the ASR Project.
  • State Water Plan: Submitted the ASR project to the Region G water planning group and successfully got it included in the state water plan.
  • Historic Use Wells: Submitted comments to BVGCD on their proposed rule changes to protect the City of Bryan’s interest in our Historic Use Wells.
  • Selling Return Flows: Approved a contract with Galveston County Water Control Improvement District for the purchase of our Groundwater Based Return Flows.

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Wastewater Services

wastewater icon
  • Public Education: Continued public education outreach efforts.
  • Thompsons Creek: Began evaluation of technically based local limits for Thompsons Creek.
  • Inter-local Agreement: Established inter-local agreement for sewer collection/treatment with COCS along bio-corridor.
  • MS4: Revised MS4 permit.
  • Proactive Cleaning: Executed proactive cleaning plan – 87 miles.
  • Sewer Line Repair Program: Continued Private Sewer Lateral Repair Program.
  • Burton and Still Creek Basins: Implemented and managed SSO Plan (Burton and Still Creek Basins) that targeted basins 3, 7, 11, and 13.
  • Compliance: Submitted compliance report for SSOI plan through TCEQ.
  • Manholes: Rehabilitated 78 manholes.
  • Lift Station Control Panels: Partial replacement of lift station control panels.
  • Pumps: Rehabbed aging pumps and motors at Burton and Still Creek WWTPs.
  • New Construction: Completed construction on Still Creek Phase III.
  • Less Potable Water: Decreased dependency on potable water use within WWTPs.
  • Mapping: Developing TV layer in GIS and database of TV information.
  • Local Limits: Reallocated Local Limits for Burton Creek and Still Creek WWTPs.
  • Biocorridor: Adopted Interlocal Agreement for Biocorridor (Pretreatment Legal Authority).
  • Thompson's Creek WWTP: Adopted Local Limits for Thompsons Creek WWTP.
  • SH21: Completed the extension of sewer mains and connection of residents and businesses along SH21 east corridor.
  • Treatments Plants: Operated the WWTPs within limitations set by permit.
  • Discharge Permits: Renewed discharge permits for Still Creek and Thompsons Creek WWTP.
  • Traditions: Reclaimed water sent to Traditions to offset use of potable water for irrigation.
  • Burton Creek Stabilization: Stabilized a segment of Burton Creek that was undermining a collection line; replaced the line once the deficiency in the creek bank was corrected.

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