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This calculator is for reference purposes only. Differences between calculated results and billed surcharges may arise due to different rounding or averaging methods; multiple outfall flow weighting; and/or other site specific consideration.

Please enter quantity: DescriptionRates
Est. Surcharge
CBOD5 Average (mg/L)CBOD5 ($/pound)$0.50$0.00
TSS Average (mg/L)TSS ($/pound)$0.34$0.00
NH3 Average (mg/L)NH3 ($/pound)$1.45$0.00
COD Average (mg/L)COD ($/pound)$0.50$0.00
O&G Average (mg/L)O&G ($/pound)$0.34$0.00
Wastewater Flow Average (MG)
Estimated Total Surcharge/Monitoring Period